Thursday, February 5, 2015

January Quilt Guild

Our January Quilt Guild was really fun.  We were learning about round robins.  This quilt is Debbie's quilt that she did at the Ruby's retreat last year.  It is darling.  I am sorry the photo is not that great.

We are doing a round robin this year in our guild.  The theme for our quilt is fall.  It can include Thanksgiving but not Halloween.  We have had a great response and will have many participants.  We will get a fabric pack in March and then have until August to make our blocks.  We make as many blocks as we have participants, all of the blocks the same.  Then we will exchange them in August.

This is a closer look at some of the round robin Christmas quilt.  The longer blocks are the filler blocks.  Those that participated in this one had to make like 16 regular blocks and 16 filler blocks.  These turned out so cute.  I wish my photo were better.

This is Claudia's Route 66 Round Robin block for this years Ruby's retreat in February.  It is so fun.  I have seen several of the others and I think it will be darling.
Mary did this cute table runner.
This is beautiful.  I would say stunning.  This is also Mary's.

This is Cheri's quilt.  Isn't it cute?  She does such a beautiful job with the embroidery.  

This is also Cheri's.  This is a hexie flower.  Below is the back.

This is Cheri's table runner and look at the back.  I think it could be reversible it is so pretty.

This is Sandy's quilt.  The quilting is so pretty.  If you look closely they are flowers not bubbles.

I believe this is also Sandy's

This is Claudia's quilt.  It was a mystery quilt.  It is so nice.  I think brave too.  I would have a hard time not being able to know what I am making.

Jan made this one.  She does a great job.  If you haven't checked out her blog it is

Jerilu made this car seat cover.  

This quilt was so amazing.  Its blocks were generations old.  Guen put these blocks together that her Grandmother had made.  It was breath taking.  She said it was a signature quilt.

Crystal is making these pillow covers.  Her pillow has ruffles on the edges but she makes the covers to go over the middle.  They are so nice.

Becky made this Halloween quilt and the cowboy quilt.  The cowboy quilt she will be selling in her shop, Cowboy Collectibles in Panguitch.  I am fairly certain that she quilted these on her own too.  She is amazing.

This is also Becky's quilt.  The flowers are raw edge so they will fluff up when the quilt is washed.  It looks better than the picture.

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