Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Quiltique In Henderson, NV

This was the first time I had gone to Quiltique.  I had heard some really nice comments about this store and thought that the next time I went to visit my friend, Cami, I would make an effort to go see this shop. I really had a wonderful time there. Check them out at www.quiltique.com.

The shop has loads of windows and loads of fabric.  The displays are really cute too.

The people that work there were great.  When I got home I decided I wanted to get some more grab bags and they let me buy it over the phone and they sent it here to Panguitch.  That is great service.

Look at that woven table runner.  It is really neat.

I love the colors of this one.  The pattern is cute too.

This is a table runner.  Each of the flowers are whipped together.

Quiltique has a sale room.  They have all sorts of deals there.  I got a fabulous deal on an accu-quilter die.  I got it for 60% off.  They also had kits for great deals and a bunch of fabrics too.  They even had notions in there too.

You just have to love the sale sections.  I always love a deal.

I thought this kit was really cute.

These are the sale fabrics, at least some of them.  They had quite a bit more.

I have a fabulous friend that made me one of these.  I love it.  Thanks Becky.

This is cool.  It lays on the arm rest.  You can take the pin cushion off too.  It has velcro on the bottom of the pin cushion.
Becky has made one of these bargello quilts.  They look amazing.

Look.  The turtle is swimming right off the quilt.

The dish towels are darling.

This is crocheted fabric.  They had it as a rug and as a front of a pillow.  It really looks fun.

I still love this pattern.  I will one day make it.

This is a happy quilt.
I really loved that little skirt.  It is so cute.  The other clothes were cute too but I loved the skirt.

This is a perfect spring decorative pillow.  I love it.

This looks like chalk board but feels smoother.  The writing doesn't rub off either.  I didn't ask but I am sure any of the employees could tell you about it.

Quiltique is also a Bernina dealer.  The Bernina sewing machines are really nice.  They have some that do embroidery and these quilts are done with those types of machines.

This quilt was done in sections.  They are done in a quilt as you go method.  It is really an amazing quilt.  If you look on the photo below you can see the sections or blocks.  The back seams were covered in bias tape.

This quilt is one I am considering making during the Quilt Walk.  We have someone coming to teach this pattern.  I just picked up my fabrics from Quiltique to make it. 

There is a class room at this store too.  I didn't take pictures of it because they had a class going on and I didn't want to disturb them.  It looks really nice with technology built right into the room.  You may want to try one of their classes.

They only have a small section of wools at this shop.  They are beautiful but if you really are into wools I would recommend going over to the Christmas Goose, they have a larger selection. The pieces here are small so if you only need little pieces they have really fun colors here.

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  1. Going in a couple of weeks to Vegas and I have this shop as one of my must sees! Great pictures