Tuesday, July 15, 2014

My Mothers Garden

My mother has a really large garden in the middle of the city.  It takes up most of her yard.  There are so many things growing it is like an oasis for my soul.  She is older now and can't keep up with the weeds like she used to.  My sister Heather, in the picture is great to go and help in the yard each week.
I am so grateful to her.

 This past week we went to visit.  We live quite aways from Mom.  I was able to help in the garden.  I love to weed.  I don't do it much lately.  I enjoyed myself.  My mother loves to be creative,  she took the opportunity to spend time with my girls.  She took loads of pictures of them.

My mother has costumes she keeps to use in her pictures.  These farm girl dresses and  baskets worked out well.  I didn't photo shop any so you could see how the shoot goes for us.  Normally I would crop the photos so that you couldn't see the shoes or my sisters arm.

 Her flowers are beautiful.  She really loves the garden.  After all the gardening my benders hurt.  My legs and back remembered what I haven't been doing.  I also remembered how much I am missing.  I really need to get my garden going.

 The flowers bring in the butterflies and bees.  The whole place is humming in activity.  There was one bumble bee I wish I had taken a picture of.  I wondered how it could fly it looked so heavy.
 Her garden looks so old fashioned.  The perfect kind for pictures.

Mom is a painter and uses her photography for her paintings.  These are mostly her photos.  It is so fun to be creative in so many ways and my mother is just that, creative in so many ways.

 Zoey is picking raspberries and Heather is holding the umbrella.  The clouds weren't always cooperating.  It really makes a difference to have that more diffused light.

 This is my youngest, Sophie.

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