Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Quilt Walk Trunk Show 2014

The Trunk Shows

I forgot that I had these pictures on my phone.  I thought that I should get them off and show them.  Sorry for the delay.

This is Jenny Doan in the Panguitch High School Auditorium giving us a trunk show.  I only took the one picture because everything is so accessible on her fabulous web site.  I also felt like my phone didn't take the sort of pictures I really wanted.  Oh well.  I decided to share the pictures any way.
 The rest of these quilts were for the Saturday trunk show.  I was helping hold quilts on the Friday one so no pictures.  These quilts were made by Carol Day and her group.  I think I would call her group a Bee.  They get together and sew regularly.  I don't remember who made what but the variety was wonderful.  The group was so fun and lively.

 These ladies decorated the whole auditorium with beautiful quilts.  I loved it.  They do amazing stuff.

 The fabrics on these quilts is so vibrant.  I love the effect.  I would love to try to make something like it.  I can't remember if she dyed her own fabrics of not.

 These quilts are Around the Town.  I have this quilt all cut out and ready to appliqué.  I even made a set for my sister.  They are just sitting there waiting for me to pick up.  aren't they cute.

 This one was called around the farm.

 This one was Becky Yards.  It was one done for show and tell.  I love it.  It inspired me to think about making one.  I love the stars she appliqued in the corners.  She made it as a gift.  She used the Quilt Smart method.  I have heard so people love it and others don't.  Becky loved it.  Becky is on the left.
 This quilt was gorgeous.  Can you imagine all the work that went into this quilt.
Ok, this was not Quilt Walk but was from our guild picnic.  Cheri Feltner made this Ghastly Quilt. 

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