Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Fairy Tea Party

Fairy Tea Party

 Each year my sister, Suzanne, has a fairy tea party at her home.  She invites all the neighborhood girls and boys.  The girls dress up in fairy costumes, some with wings, some with out.  They have a craft of making jeweled fairy wands, they get their faces painted, there is a puppet show, and some refreshments.
 Her third daughter, Brianna, is painting the girls faces.  She is a fabulous make-up artist.

 Her fifth daughter is dancing with her friends for every one.
 Samantha and Chad are the king and queen.  They are my sister daughter and son in-law.
 Even the boys love the party.  Asher is bowing to the king and queen.
 The fairy queen gives wishes to the kids and sprinkles glittery fairy dust on their heads.

 Grandma and great grandma to these little fairies.
 My sister, Suzanne with my daughter Sophie, they love to dance.
 Ok, doesn't this just look like they are just landing from their flight.
 Family really makes events like this work out.  Each member in her family and some neighbors pitched in and made it a magical day for the kids.  They let any one come and it is so fun.
 Cassie with her youngest sister, Genevieve.
 This is her oldest daughter, Cassie.  Cassie is swinging her son.
 Genevieve has her wand that she made.
Samantha dancing with her daughter.

This is a really fun party.  It is a magical day for all the little kids. 

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