Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The Christmas Goose in Las Vegas

The Christmas Goose Quilt Shop

I went on a vacation and stopped in Vegas for a few days, to spend time with some friends.  One of the high lights of my Vegas stay was going to the Christmas Goose.  I really like the style of quilts they have and these are a few of the ones that I liked.  There are many more very cute quilts but I only thought right before I left to take pictures with my phone.  The pictures could be better but at least I took some.

 This one is a  needle punch pumpkin penny rug.  I think it is darling.  I have never finished a needle punch project yet.

 My friend Jan from quiltwalktalk.blogspot.com did this block I think but hers is a lot brighter.  Both are beautiful.
 These hot pads are darling.  I have thought that these would be a great Christmas gift.
 This quilt has embroidery in the centers and it is darling.  I should have gotten closer.

 I love wool appliqué  so of course I left with some wool in my bag.  This quilt has wool flowers on the between blocks.
 I like the patriotic quilt but I have never done a quilt like this.  It is busier than I have ever tried.

This is a darling Halloween quilt.  I like the idea but I think I would do a witch with a cauldron, and a simpler boarder.  I do think this one is darling though.  

The embroidery on this little quilt just makes it.  The simple touches that can turn a beautiful quilt into something really special are nice.

Over all I love this store and wish it were closer.

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