Tuesday, June 10, 2014

At Home In The Garden Block #2

Yellow and Red Flowers

This is my second block.  With felted wool you have raw edges that should not fray so you don't have to turn any edges.  The pieces are glued down with 505 adhesive spray.  Notice that I also have a pin in it also.  That is because the adhesive is not permanent.  The wool will flake off as you work on it so I had pins in it also.  The larger pieces stayed in place better but if it seems that they will flake before I get them stitched down I will pin it.  I like the 505 because it doesn't gum up my needle and it is easy for me to stitch through.  As long as I am careful it will stay fairly well.
I have been using Valdani variegated pearl cotton, and regular DMC floss and the parts that I don't have the right color of Valdani's.  I think where you can use what you have and I have lots of floss.  I added the trim on the pot for added interest and I think I like it.  I considered taking it out but decided to leave it.

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