Thursday, May 11, 2017

4H Fun

This is a paper made with a form and tissue paper.  It is glued together with liquid starch, using a sponge brush.  Our local 4H art group has some really fun projects.  The leaders are great too.  It has been a lot of fun.  I try to help out each week.

Yes, that is me shooting.  It is fun but I am not a very good shot with the bow.  I am much better with a gun.  I didn't bring my gun but the girls had fun throwing knives and hatchets and shooting the bows.  They also fed the families.  My girls were a bit afraid of doing these things but after trying them they loved doing the activities.  You know it is good for our children to try lots of things.  One time out on the lake in a canoe on a 4H outing, my daughter said, "I'm glad I did this.  I was afraid and I did it."  Sometimes we don't try things because we are afraid but there are so many things that we may love if we did get past that fear.  This was a fun evening with the 4H, even though it was windy.

My girls prefered the long bow.

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