Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Family History and Recipes

I have been doing quite a bit of family history lately.  I spend on average two days a week at the Family History Library here in Panguitch.  I have been loving it and getting a lot accomplished.  I had come across a small box while cleaning out a closet and in it had a spiral note book.  It was my husband's paternal grandmother's recipe book.  It was hand written.

I want you to notic the way she cut the pages to make tabs.  Isn't that clever?  Any way, I thought I could type up all the recipes for the family.  Well I thought again.  These recipes are in her own hand writing.  I think the family would treasure it more if they could see it in her own hand writing.  There is an app for the phone called Family Search Memories.  You can up load your photos directly to your account in Family Search.  Famiy Search is a free site.  You don't need to scan things and up load them.  You skip that whole process by taking pictures and loading them directly to your gallery on your account.  You then can drop them in any file.  I will put this whole cook book in Eric's Grand Mothers account.  If you are looking for them look under Florence Beth Porter on familysearch.org.

These are just a sample of what you can do.  I love it.  I love finding family.  By the way the DNA from ancestry is loads of fun too.  You can't believe the information you can find out.

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