Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Winline and Quilts S'more

I love this sign.  These are photos from two shops, Winline and Quilt S'more.  Both of these shops have nice stuff.

Winline has all sorts of batts for your quilts.  Ladies were hauling the batts off by the arm load.  They have all sorts of samples for you to feel.  A lot of the ladies seem to be stocking up so the prices must be pretty good too.

These two quilts were from Quilt S'more.  She had some nice fabric but the thing that I really liked was the contraption that she had to help hold the quilt up so you could machine quilt with your regular sewing machine.  I did not take photos of that but I think it would really help.

These last ones are of Winline's prices and samples.

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