Tuesday, August 16, 2016

My Girl Friend's Quilt Shoppe

Last month I was able to go up to the Utah Valley Quilt Guild's July Fair.  It was loads of fun.  They had all sorts of stuff goin on.  They had vendors, a garage sale, a bake sale, classes and a quilt show.  I try to go every year.  I used to belong to that guild when I lived in Utah Valley and I loved it.  They have exceptional meetings.  If you are ever free on a third Wednesday in Utah county you may want to look them up.  I am not sure where they are meeting now though.  Look at their blog uvqg.org.

These photos are from My Girlfriend's Quilt Shoppe in Midway, Utah.  I have been to their shop and purchased stuff.  It is a cute shop and they always have fun stuff going on.  I get their emails and it makes me wish they were closer.

I love the flag quilt.  I think it is a Geoff's Mom's pattern.  Those pinwheels are three D.  I think they are made with prairy points.

I have been thinking about putting up a barn quilt on my house.  This one is darling.  I will be up at their shop in a couple of weeks and maybe they will have one that matches my house.  It is actually a class but I am hoping they have some to sell.

I love the wool. 

I could barely get my picture of these.  The ladies were loving these little woolen cuties.

Do you like the cute turkey.  Like I said there were so many ladies looking I could not get a closer photo.  It is cute though.

They have cute cottons and cute patterns.  They offer all sorts of classes too.  In fact I think they have more than one location but I am not sure where the other locations are.  You will have to look that up.

I met the designer of these cute quilts here in Panguitch.  She is so nice.  

I want to remind all of you that reside in Garfield County, Utah.  The entries for the fair are to be turned in on Wednesday.  If you are going through Panguitch and can't come through on Wednesday give me a call.  I can help you out and take it over for you.  I love the fair.  It is like no other.  Let's support our County Fair.

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