Thursday, August 18, 2016

Davidene's Quilt Shop

Davidene is a wonderful lady.  She was my neighbor for a while.  She moved up near Park City where her Quilt Shop is.  I have yet to go to her shop but I enjoy seeing her at the Utah Valley Quilt Guild events.  She seems to always support the guild in doing service or teaching classes.  These are the photos I took to show off what she had at her booth.

As quilters this should have a lot of appeal.  I concider my sewing group a bee.  This is adorable.

This could be a stash buster quilt if you use your scraps.

This one looks like a Kim Dhiel pattern.  I am not sure it is but I love the colors.

These are cute too.

Up against the window these look like stained glass.

This is a opportunity quilt they are selling tickets for.  The applique is amazing.  I hope they get lots of tickets sold.  This was not for Davidene's quilt shop.  I think it was for the guild.  

At the July Fair these are the things that were offered at the silent auction.  They actually had more but I wanted to show a sample.  Is how it works is they have a paper next to the item and people write how much they will pay for that item.  The highest price wins.

This is a fun event.  

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