Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Sew Yeah

I had heard about a new store in Vegas that had something like ten thousand bolts of fabric.  I was able to find Sew Yeah.  It did have tons of bolts of fabric, I don't know if there were ten thousand bolts but there were a lot.
Sew Yeah has some nice programs.  One I was particularly interested in was the humanitarian projects they do.  You come in the store and they supply all the supplies to make what ever the project is and you make it.  They called it something but I can't remember.  

This is their Row By Row challenge block.  Perfect for Vegas.

I think this is an iron tote with the ironing pad.

They had several bag patterns.  

This looks like a modern version of a stack and whack.

These foxes are popular right now.  I think someone in our group is making a quilt with foxes.

They had some decor that was for sale there too.

I think this is a great way to use the extra minky that you had left over from a back of a quilt.  THis is darling.  I love the elephant too.

I really like this quilt.

Sew Yeah also has machines.  They have long arm machines too.

I had to share this one with my sister.  She is a cat lover.

Yes there is a bench for the nonshoppers and someone to keep them company.

These mini quilts are so cute.  They had others too.  I am sure you could make these out of your scraps.  You may want the kit just for the buttons.  They take this project to the next level.

Next time you are in Vegas check out Sew Yeah.  They also have a club that sounds fun.  I would join if I lived there.  They have classes too.  Of course all quilters are nice and so were the people that worked there.

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