Thursday, August 25, 2016

Garfield County Fair FIne Arts

These are the photographs and art work that was entered into our Garfield County Fair, here in Panguitch.  Now I know there are many of you taking wonderful pictures.  We just need to get those to our fair next year.  Look at how beautiful these are.

These are the Professional group of artists.  Becky Whitney and Veda Hale painted these.

Ok, So the whole left side are my family pictures.  I had to do it.  We didn't have many entered and so I took our beach pictures off the bathroom walls and brought them.

The lower half are the kids photos.  I thought they did a great job with their pictures.

See that one in the center.  It was not photo shopped or changed in any way.  Wow.

These are all paint by numbers.  They really turned out well.

The water colors are in this section.  Two of them are done with bubbles.  I thought they were all pretty.

These are the High School entries.  Brittany McEwan is so talented.  She did all of these but one.  The other one is nice too but not quite finished.

All of these are pencil art.  They are very well done.

The top one is crayon art and the other two are pastels.

The top one is done in pencils and the bottom is pastels.  I am hoping to see more from these artists next year.

Our guild president did two of these paintings.  She surprised me.  Good job.

This is our kids art.  It was fun to see all of the different things that these kid made.  I am hoping to see more from others too.  Please encourage the kids to be creative.  We love seeing all of their creations.

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