Thursday, April 6, 2017

Some More Quilts

These quilts were show and tell quilts and I don't know the makers.  It has been a while and so I don't remember much of the details on these.  This first quilt is one that we are offering a quilt class on at the Quilt Walk.  It is beautiful and would be a fun one to make.  Look up if you are interested.  There are many other classes too.

This is a great kids quilt.  Kids love the eye spy quilts.

Doesn't this look like a game board?  I am sure my daughter would make it into one.

I love the Halloween Cats.

This is amazing.  I think this is all hand done.

This was amazing too.  It is even better in person.

All the quilts were fun to look at.  It was nice of those that made them to bring them to share and inspire us.

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