Tuesday, April 25, 2017

April Guild Making Bags

Crafts has a free class to learn to make this cute bag.  It is supposed to whip up in less than an hour.  Claudia and Debbie showed us how easy it is to make this bag.  You can even adjust the size.

Claudia had this foam stuff on hand and used it as the stablizer.  Debbie used soft and stable.  Both bags turned out darling.

With right sides together you sew your fabric with the stablizer on the three sizes.

Then you cut out a square from both of the bottom corners.  You also need to make a second set of just the fabric for the lining.

You have to sew across the part you cut.  Honestly you may have to look up the class.  Don't forget to sew in the handles too.  That may be clear as mud.  Just know that the bags are cute and Claudia and Debbie were great to teach us.  

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