Thursday, October 29, 2015

Iron County Fair Displays

I went to the Iron County fair last month and thought you may want to see a small sampling of the things that were there.  Our county fair is small so it was nice to see all the things that Iron County residents have been making.

These are made with tube socks.  My daughter thought they were wonderful.

People that do this sort of needle work must have great eyes.  These were amazing.

The kids are great artists.  Nice work.

Very well done.

Someone was selling these hats.  I thought they were very fun.

The displays were very well done.  

The herbs were hanging from an old bed frame with springs.

I wish I could do this.

You would not believe all the Lego displays.  

Of course my Sophie loves the Barbies.

It is a fun fair to go to.  The parade was fun.  It is a bit longer than the Panguitch Parades though but I had a great time there.

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