Thursday, October 22, 2015

Marianne's Hooked Rugs

Rug hooking is something that you rarely see any more.  I have seen some great patterns though on pintrest and other sites.  I am amazed at the rugs people make.  I personally have only made a half of a hooked rug.  That is one of my projects I intend to finish one day.  Marianne Michaels has this down to an art.  Her rugs are beautiful.  She is a wonder teacher too.  Periodicly she will teach a class.

She has put a lot of work into each of these.  Aren't they lovely.

I love the poppies.  

This is one of the more recent rugs.  I am sorry I can't recall the artist that made this pattern.

Like Marianne, I love working with wool.  It is so forgiving and if the color isn't right it dyes nicely.  I see all sorts of projects to use it with.  If you  don't have a shop that carries wool and like to recycle you can even get it from the thrift stores, and save some money.  If you do though make sure you wash it right away to make sure you aren't bringing bugs into your home that you don't know about.  Some times they have eggs in them that you can't see.  Nobody wants extra insects flying around their home or eating your wool.  If you want to contact Marianne call or email the Corn Wagon, in Springville, Utah.  She is fabulous.

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