Thursday, October 15, 2015

Marianne Michaels' Wall Quilts

The talented Marianne Michaels did a trunk show and demonstration for our guild showing us her wool work.  She has been creating wool artwork for years and is quite accomplished.  I have admired her wook for quite some time and was so glad she came to show us some of the things she has made.

This is one of my sisters favorites.  It is so interesting to see the variety in taste.  I love the variety that is out there.  Not all wool patterns are for the primitive taste.  The colors on this are spectacular and vibrant.

This house quilt was darling.  She said she changed the pattern a bit to look more like her own home.

This one is a seasons quilt.

This one will catch anyones eye.  It is brilliant.  

I considered making this one but I am sure like many of you there are too many things to make and not enough time to make them all.

This one really apeals to me.  I think it is the garden of flowers.  I love flowers and gardens.

Yes, I did purchase this pattern.  I don't know if I will get to it but I think it is lovely.

My sister, Heather purchased this kit.  I think she is yet to make it.  I love it.  I think the pattern is called Bird on a Wire.

Here is a better picture of the house quilt.  Isn't it beautiful.

This is my favorite.  I think this is a Primitive Gatherings pattern.  It really appeals to me.

There is more to come.  Marianne is so talented that I thought I would let you digest her talents a bit at a time.  She still has pillows, rugs, and penny rugs.  Believe it or not, she has more than what I have shown you.  She also makes shirret rugs.  Wow.

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