Saturday, October 3, 2015

Our Fair Hobby Exhibits

You may be surprised to know that one young lady from Panguitch made all of these characters out of sculpy.  I am very impressed.  These exhibits really include anything people made.  The creativity here in our county is amazing.
This snowboard bike was made by a handicapped guy here.  It is great.  I am looking forward to seeing him use it.

This is my husbands creation.  He even played it in the talent contest.  He took second, I thought he did a great job.

I had called up my friend to remind her to enter her wreath and she won the sweep stakes with it.  

The two bottom wreaths belong to my daughters.

If you look carefully you can see what this mom did with her son's collection.  She turned it into a treasure box.
Sophie is showing her necklace and bracelet she made.

For our fair anything goes.  It is laid back and tons of fun.  I hope you all join us next year.

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