Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Iron County Fair Quilts

Last month I went to the Iron County Fair in Parawon, Utah.  It was very fun.  It is also quite a bit larger than our fair.  They have a nice display of quilts that I thought I would share with you.

Isn't this a fun Halloween quilt.  Now I do not know any of the people that made these quilts.  They are all talented and I am so glad they were willing to let us all see what they made.

This one was just a quilt on display.  It is very old and is it gorgeous.  

I loved how they hung quilts along with the vegetable displays.  They know how to make it look so nice.

They had antiques around to help display stuff too.  Very nice.

I quite like this one.  If any of you know what the pattern is please let me know.

This one was really well done.  I like the colors.  

This reminded me of some quilts my sister did.  I really like it.

Of course I love the wool projects.

This is the Drindle Dress.  It is one of the most lovely quilts.  My friends have taken this class.  It is a nice quilt.  The whole fair was a lot of fun for me.  They didn't have animals at this fair but I still had a great time there with my girls.  They had some interesting food booths that were fun to try.  I had some ribbon fries that were fun.  My girls really enjoyed that too.  Their fair is Labor Day weekend, I think, every year.  If you are close plan on going.  It is fun.

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