Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Marianne Michaels Large quilts

Marianne Michaels came to our Guild to show us all the wonderful things she does with wool.  I have admired her work for more than ten years.  She works for Corn Wagon in Springville.  As you all know that is one of my favorite shops.  I can't get out of that store without spending money.  She does the wool dying for the Corn Wagon and a lot of the wool displays and kits.  These are some of her quilts she has made with wool.

Now some of these are made with recycled wool and some are with new.  She prefers the wool batting because the weight of the cotton is too heavy.  She likes to take a larger seam with the wool piecing, and she likes to press the seams open to lessen the bulk.

This is Marianne.  She is a work of art and I love her work.

This is a log cabin block.

This is also a log cabin block but placed differently.

One of these was made from the left over blocks.  I don't know which but they are beautiful.

Log Cabin blocks are so versatile.  This is another one and it looks so different.

This is a stack and whack quilt.

I do have to say that this is my most favorite in this group.  I love all the embroidery and to see all the different pieces of fabric.  

Check out my next few posts.  I have more of Marianne's wool work.  There is still wall quilts, penny rugs, pillows, and rug hooking.  She is extremely talented.

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