Thursday, September 18, 2014

The Fish Grab at Garfield County fair

The Fish Grab
The fish grab is one of the most favorite and well attended events at our fair.  The kids come ready to get wet and the parents and grandparents bring the bags, buckets and coolers for the fish so they can take them home.  Really there are so many fish there is plenty to go around.  It is interesting though there are never any left.  We have come home with a cooler of fish before.  They make two pools with plastic and wood for the sides, to hold the water in.

The fair gets their fish from a hatchery or fish farm.  They fill up the two pools with fish for the kids to grab.

This company had to scoop out the fish for one of the pools and then opened the tank for the rest at the other pool.

Everyone waits for the signal to go.  The younger kids in one end and the other kids in the other.

All of these fish go home to be cooked up for dinner.

My son Wylee loves the fish grab.  He really gets into it.  He catches and tosses them to the people waiting with their coolers and bags.  

Sophie doesn't get in with the fish.  In fact she screams and tries to climb up me to get away from them. I just thought she looked cute by the pool.

This is where they dumped the rest of the fish in.  The two pools are only separated by one board.
What chances do kids really have to hold a fish?  I would say not many.  Really I would guess not many really go fishing.  It is so fun to see the kids grabbing the fish.  My friend says that they are all bruised and not good to eat but I quiet enjoyed the ones we ate.

My daughter Zoey did not catch the fish but held it after it died. 

I love this photo of Katie.  She is so cute with her pumpkin with her fish in it.  This is such a fun time.  We love it.

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