Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Claudia Crumps Show and Tell

Claudia's Show and Tell at Open Sew

 This is a fun quilt.  I think it looks easier than the one that was offered in a class at Quilt Walk.  I think she is planning on teaching this some where.

This is a close up of the quilt.

This is a bloom quilt.  I can't remember the name of it officially.  I love the fabrics, it looks retro to me.

Don't you love the boarder on this quilt.  The whole think is beautiful.  I would expect nothing less from Claudia.  She is a fabulous quilter.

Claudia said that this is a double wedding ring.  A quilter in Australia designed it.  It is beautiful.  She says this is the only double wedding ring she is ever going to make.

This quilt is from a class she took at the Bryce Canyon Quilt Retreat.  It was a class that everyone made  like 12 of two blocks and then they all did an exchange and put it together.  It turned out cute.
Here are some of the blocks up close.  She told me which ones she made but I can't remember.

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