Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Seasons of Home

Seasons of Home Shop

I was in Midway Utah for their Swiss Days festival and went to this cute shop.  They had all sorts of fun stuff in the shop, from books to dishes to fabrics.  I love to look at fabric.  The quilts were great too.  They have a retreat coming up in October that sounded like fun too.  You may want to check them out at www.seasonsofhome.com.  

This was a surprise.  I have not seen the Ghastleys in Christmas before.

This is a cute Christmas runner. 

One of my sisters loved this fabric and bought some.

The photo on this one isn't that great but I do think it is nice.  I would like to make a patriotic quilt.

I really like chickens.  This one looks doable.  It is cute.

I don't always love house quilts but I do like this one.  I am not sure why this one appeals to me but it does.

This black background is nice with the red.  It makes it look folkarty.

This looks like spider webs.  

Another Ghastley quilt.

This is so cute with the fire flies and the children.  My sister got this kit.  I think if the outer blocks were fussy cut it would make it much cuter.

Please ignor the woman in the photo.  This photographer didn't crop her out.

Monsters are so cute.  So instead of monsters under the bed they would be on the bed.

A monster pillow to go with the monster quilt.

This is really a skirt.

I would never take this quilt camping.  It is too cute.  I really like this and the more masculine one.

These are wool pin cushions.  

Felted wool balls are great.

I have never seen granny square santas before.

This is a sampling of what they have on the first floor.  The upstairs is full of fabrics and quilts.  They also have great cross-stitch patterns and other stuff too that I didn't take pictures of.

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