Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Grape Juice

Canning Grape Juice

I love home bottled grape juice.  I know exactly what is in it and it only costs me the price of new lids.  I already have the jars and rings for the tops.  The grapes were given to me by my mother.  My grapes won't ripen for another month.  They really are best after it gets colder.  I started with green grapes that made the white grape juice.  Then I added a few purple to give my juice some color.  I think color makes things more appealing.

This is a steam juicer.  You put the water in the bottom level and the grapes in the top.  The steam rises to the grapes and they release the juice to the center level.  There is a clamp on the tube that comes out of the center level so that you can drain it into your sterilized jars below it.

This is from the green grapes.

The dark ones are from the purple grapes and the pink from a mixture of green and purple.

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