Thursday, September 4, 2014

Needle Arts

These are the needle arts displays at our Garfield County Fair in Panguitch, Utah.  There aren't very many so most of them in this post.  These first two pictures are of a table runner that my friend, Jerilu, made.  It is one of Kim Diehl's patterns and is beautiful.  Because it was at the fair I didn't unfold it to take the full view of it.

This Afghan below was made by my friend Helen Slack.  She is very good with all the different kinds of needles.

These towels are beautiful.
I really don't know who these people are that made these but I am impressed.  I have never made one.

This one looks like it has little hats all over it.

This pink one is so delicate.

The rest of these were already shown in my previous post Fabulous Fair.  I thought you may want to see them if you missed that post.

These are place mats and a table runner.  Helen Slack made them.

Beautiful socks.

I hope next year we can double the entries.  I am going to have to work on my sewing group to put more in.

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