Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dutch Oven Cook Off

Our Garfield County Fair has a dutch oven cook off.  I am sad to say that I missed it this year.  The people who enter do a fantastic job of making their dutch oven specialty.  I don't think I missed this in eight years but I took my family to the Utah Symphony at Bryce Canyon.

We pay only two dollars to get a plate to sample each entry.  It ends up quite a meal.  My family definitely like trying it all.  After we try every ones entry we get to vote on main dish, dessert, and side.

Our park has a big fire pit so if you would rather use fire coals you can.  This is Becky making her entry.

It looks so good.  Some one also does scones every year.  I can't resist.  I have never entered this contest.  I have thought about it.  My son said we would win for sure with Cami's peach cobbler.  Well, Cami is my friend and so really she would win.  I love that he included her as "we" though.  We also have a commissioners lunch on Saturday.  It is a free meal to everyone.  We get hamburgers, hot dogs, water melon, corn on the cob, chips and a soda.  I love this small town.

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