Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September Quilt Guild

Quilt Guild

This month at our guild was so fun.  I don't remember the last time guild was not fun.  I always love it.  If anyone is interested we meet at Ruby's Inn on the third Wednesday each month except December and  July at 6:00.  Gwen taught us the zipper block, this time.
Gwen took Jenny Doan's pattern from her Block book and made her quilt.  It turned out really cute.  She even quilted it her self.
Cheri made hers from the blocks we had exchanged all those years ago.  She just cut them in half and made hers up.  She also made some more bandanna quilts.

She is making these quilts for her kids for Christmas.  I think she has to make 12 total.

Mary's quilt is beautiful.  It was from a kit, I think she said.

Becky made this fall quilt.  She is quite the quilter.  She appliqued the stems because the pattern didn't have any.  I love it.

Above is Roxanna's quilt back and below is the front.  She long arm quilts, I wish you could see the wonderful stitching.

Lorna was able to find the perfect cheddar fabric to be like Jenny Doan's quilt.  She made the Jacob's Ladder that Jenny taught at Quilt Walk.

Lillian made this.  It is more modern than we see generally around here.  I enjoy the modern quilts.  This one is great.

Lillian also did this one.  It sure looks involved.

Sandy made this cute fall pillow.

I love this one.  I think that Pat made it.

Lillian made this big star quilt.

Sandy made this one.  I am not sure if this pattern is called broken dishes but is was made in memory of her mother.  I love the green.  It is a calming color.

Now we get to Jan Frandsons quilts.  She is our "mystery quilter".  We spotlight someone in our guild each month and get to see a trunk show of the things they have made.  It may seem intimidating but the ladies in our guild are so fabulous everyone I hope is comfortable.  We really have a great bunch.  Really how can you go wrong with quilters.  I really think that this one is called broken dishes though.

I remember Jan working on this one at our Open Sew in Panguitch.  Darling.

This is the back first and the front below.  It is a tube quilt.  You sew strips into a tube then how you cut out the blocks they end up like this.  It is so cute.

This quilt is made with a half hexi ruler.  It is easier than it looks because you are only sewing straight lines.

At first I thought this was a jelly roll race but it isn't.  It is so girly.

These two are made from the same pattern for her two daughters.  They look so different.



This is Jan's first quilt she made.  I think she did a great job.

Jan is a great part of our group.  I think she is so nice and I love it when she comes.  I really enjoy her company.  She also has a blog check it out some time.

This is one last look so you can remember to try the zipper quilt.  

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