Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Heindselman's of Provo

I have been watching my sister create all sorts of beautiful things with her knitting.  She took me on some of her errands while I was visiting and we stopped at Heindselmans.  That is the Shop that I learned how to spin yarn.  This shop has all sorts of yarns and classes.  If you buy your yarn and supplies here they will give you free help with your project.

 Here are some items you can purchase or make.
Christmas stockings are so great.  I bought three knitted ones.  

I was really impressed with this.  This lady was making a pair of socks at the same time.  Now being a beginner I am not sure of the process but I would love to learn.

This is a small portion of the yarns they have.  All sorts of fibers too.

This is a kit to make bobbin lace.  I love to see these still being sold.  You rarely see bobbin lace.

Honestly I love this sweater.  I decided that I would make a doll sweater.  I got a free pattern off of pintrest for a doll sweater.  I bought this multicolored yarn and the needles I needed from Heindselmans and started it.  My friend LaVee is an expert so I thought she could help.  Well She has been really sick.  I am still waiting for her to get better.  I have been youtubing all the different parts of the pattern.  I am very proud to say that this sweater is coming along.  For a beginner I think it will pass.

Here is some bobbin lace.

Here are some more sweaters.  I thought that if I could finish a doll sweater that eventually I will be able to make an adult one.  I am going to keep trying and finish my sweater.  It has been a fun project.

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