Thursday, March 24, 2016

Amy Maxwell's Trunk Show

We had Amy Maxwell of Logan come down to share her quilts with us.  She gave a  wonderful trunk show.  I am so glad I was able to see all of her quilts.  She is very talented.  She also does the Winter Quilt Fest Retreat.

Amy loves to applique.

This one is done with that curved ruler that you use to make Metro Rings.

I love this one.

This is Amy.  She says she loves hand work and hand quilting.

This one is a Buggy Barn pattern.  Amy said that they have quite a few of their patterns.

This is a fun summer quilt.

The flowers and hearts are nice.

This one is very fun.  I think if I made any this would be the one I would make.  I love the hot chocolate feel of this wintery quilt.

I think this was a block exchange.  She belongs to a couple of guilds and sewing groups.

I think this was also an exchange.

The embroidery on this was exquisite.  

This would be fun for July.

This is another one I would love to make.  I love it.

Amy said she did this as an exchange.  She did appliqué blocks and her friend did the pieced ones.

These are some of her first quilts.  They are still dear to her heart.

This is a Scatter Sunshine quilt like the song.  I have more of Amy Maxwell in another post.  She had lots to show so check out the next Amy Maxwell post.

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