Thursday, September 15, 2016


Fall is the time I feel so thankful for all the bounty the Lord has given us.  The trees are full of fruit and the gardens laiden with vegetables.  With the bounty in the garden comes the hard work of bottling all that wonderful food.  It almost comes to me in panic mode that I have to get all this put up  before it rotts. My golden delicious apples need just a little longer before they are ripe and I am looking forward to the dried apples, sauce and juice I can put up.

These melt in your mouth raspberries made some fabulous jam.  If you ever hear of seedless raspberries let me know.  I do love Jerilu's thornless plants.

I thought you would like to see a useful way to use your scraps.  Jerilu has tied her branches to some guide wires so they will grow the way she wants them to.

This is the ribbon that ties the Riley Blake ten inch squares.  I am sure the birds have tried to get this for their nests.
I threw in a couple of sheep pictures just so you could see them.

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