Thursday, September 8, 2016

Garfield County Fair Dutch Oven Cook Off

Our Fair has a dutch oven cook off each year.  It is great for a hungry family because it costs only two dollars a person and you get to try everyones creations.  We all become judges too.  I cannot remember what each winner wins but I think it is fifty dollars for the winner and then forty for the second place.  Like I said I am not positive but the tasting of all the entries is a load of fun.  

These are stuffed peppers.
This is a mixed berry crisp.

Cinnamon rolls, some with raisins and some without.  They were great.  In fact these won the dessert section.

I think this was a stew.  It was yummy too.

We had a couple of potatoe entries.

Goulosh tastes better than it looks.

Tamale cassarole.

Now this is a picture on only one of the plates.  To get all of the entries I needed two plates to hold all of the food.  My favorite was the ribs.  They were really good.  Now these are just a few of the entries too.  Everyone that participated did a great job with their entries.  In fact most of them had a couple of entries.

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