Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Bonnie Miles

Bonnie Miles was our guest speaker at our guild meeting this month.  She has some wonderful ideas and tips.  This quilt above was made using both hand and machine appliqué.  She says that if you don't need a to go project why not use your machine.  It does a wonderful job and in most cases it is hard to tell which piece was done by hand or machine.

Bonnie showed us this wonderful yarn made to make scrubbies.  You know the things you use to scrub your dishes.  They are wonderful.  This yarn doesn't hurt your hands while you are crocheting.  The scrubbies can be washed in your dish washer too.

This was made from scraps and then quilted with the long stitch using pearl cotton.

She made this basket quilt by cutting up some 9 patch blocks she had.   She cut them on the diagonal and appliqued the handles.  She then made filler blocks to go between to make the quilt bigger.

These are a couple of the cute wool hexagon blocks she has been working on.  She says there are so many of these on the internet you can make loads of them.  She likes to put a woven light weight interfacing on the back of her wool to maintain the shape and keep it from fraying.

Quilt Mania is a magazine.  I had never heard of this magazine before.  I looked through it and thought it looked fabulous.  I went home and ordered me one.  She also showed us simply Vintage.  That was a good magazine too.  I am waiting patiently to read mine.  Bonnie says she subscribes to only those two magazines now.

This is one of the projects in one of those magazines.  It is a darling pincushion.

Bonnie is working on more scrap quilts.

She showed us a keilidescope ruler that you use to make this quilt.

This one was done with this pineapple ruler.  I will make a beautiful quilt.  It was so nice to have Bonnie come and show us some of her great ideas.  It was a great night.  The refreshments were fabulous too.

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