Tuesday, December 22, 2015

T-Shirts into Doll clothes

We all have those t-shirts that we get and never wear.  I used those t-shirts to make doll clothes.  This doll t-shirt was from our county fair.  I preserved the memory in doll clothes.  The pants were from another t-shirt.

I cut the bottom of a t-shirt for the skirt and then cut another length to fold over for the drop waist on this skirt.  I just did a running stitch to gather it and sewed it together.  No heming because I used the already hemmed t-shirt bottom.  I thought about putting some trim along the bottom but haven't yet.

My girls got a hole in their pants so I used the bottom part of the legs, stratigicly placing the pattern to make some pants for their dolls.

This is from the same shirt as the one above.  The sleeve is showing the logo that was on the front of the shirt.  The neck is from the neck of the t-shirt that I trimmed off and reused.

These were from one t-shrit.  It is so fun to make these doll clothes.  I am hoping the kids like them for Christmas.

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