Thursday, December 10, 2015

Small Town Christmas

Our small town of Panguitch has a great way to celebrate Christmas.  Santa comes.  He comes to the grocery store, the social hall, and to the churches.  If you miss him one place never fear he will be back.  
My daughter said,"That isn't Mrs. Clause. That is your friend."  Yes that is our loved Claudia Crump. She is a perfect Mrs. Clause.

This quilt was made for the Sub for Santa.  On the left is our Sub for Santa Chair Woman.  She is so great to organize ways to earn money for those in need.  She really is amazing.  You could have bought tickets for a chance to win this quilt.  The drawing already happened and all I can say is that I didn't win.

We also have a merchants drawing.  To encourage people to shop locally they give out tickets for every ten dollars you spend locally.  You then put your name on them and hope to win.  People and businesses donate for these prizes.

This is my fabulous friend Rochelle.  She is one of the wonderful vollunteers that help these programs be so successful.

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