Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Village Dry Goods

Village Dry Goods is a shop in Brigham City, Utah.  I have never been there but I make a point to make sure I run up to Ruby's during the retreat to pick up something from that stores booth.

This quilt is amazing.  Look at all those nine patches and beautiful appliqued blocks.
My friends bought the kits for this quilt.  It is so cute and it was on sale, bonus.

They have several block of the month type wool projects.  They are darling.  They had quite a bit of Butter Milk Basin patters there.  They are darling.  By the way if you go to buttermilkbasin.com, they have a free pattern that is a block of the month.  The first one is a pineapple with a sheep in the front. It is darling like all of her patterns.

How embarrassing I didn't turn this but it is too cute to remove.
This looks like a Wool Crazy pattern.  I love it.

I was tempted to buy this kit.  It was 30% off but I was showing some restraint.

I bought this pattern and am planning on making it.  I love that this one doesn't have all the half square triangles.  They are too busy for me.  I do love this quilt.  It is by Primitive Gatherings.

I couldn't stop looking at these little mini quilts.  They were so cute.  
This simple mini quilt is a design I would love to make.  It is simple and I love it.  The accuquilter that my fabulous husband bought me last year will whip out all those little squares.
The wools there are beautiful.  It is .04 per inch.  I have decided that I am very wealthy in wool.  You could say I am rollin' in the wool.

Beautiful Designs.
My sister, Heather, would love this pin cushion.

These are more of the little quilts.

Here is the little thing you display your mini quilts on.  I love it.  I wish I remembered who the designer of these were.  If you do let me know.

Simple yet beautiful.

This is another block of the month.  The back part is how you display your block each month.  Only the blocks change.  Sew Cute.

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