Thursday, March 5, 2015

Merchant Mall At Ruby's Quilting Retreat

The quilting retreat at Ruby's had a fun merchant mall.  Morgansons from Payson and Main Street Quilt Cottage from Hurricane, Marcia's from Richfield were there along with H&R, American Quilters and Village Dry goods.  These are all from Utah.

I am sorry but I didn't make sure to know which quilts belong to which shop.  Village Dry Goods and American Quilting are shown in previous posts.  H&R is not shown because I see Jerilu all the time and post her stuff regularly.  I hope you just enjoy the photos of the beautiful quilts these stores had.  If you can you ought to stop in these shops.
This is that exploding 9 patch, I think.

I really like this quilt.  The raw edge applique makes it easier too.
I bought this panel.  I love America and I have no decorations for the 4th Of July.  I have a different pattern I am thinking of putting with though.  Just to brag a bit, my daughters have memorized the preamble to the Constitution.  My youngest was 4 when she memorized it.  I am so proud.

I love this simple block.  It is not too busy.

This Noah's Ark Quilt is cute and they have kits too.  I don't know if they have a web address, I couldn't find one but I am sure you could look them up.  It was from Morgansons in Payson, Utah.

This belonged to one of the ladies that attended the retreat.  It is so cute.

I thought this was a great way to carry your hand project with your supplies.  It has a ring of all the colors you may need to appliqu√©, in one of those bobbin holders and all the other supplies.  I saw some one with a cute metal lunch box that had all of her supplies.  What great ideas.

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