Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Stitching Corner in Orem

Stitching Corner is located in South Orem.  I hadn't been in this shop for quite some time.  When I moved away I no longer found time to run into this shop.
This is a great Christmas quilt.

This is one of my favorites in this shop.

This is in the class room.  I like it.

They have several of these 3D quilts that have the stuffed parts.

I love the astronaut quilt.  This is darling fabric.

The twister is a favorite of mine.  Easy to make and looks complicated.

I think they call this a water color quilt.

Can you see the log cabin block in the quilt.  It is nice.

I have seen these paper pieced but I don't know if this one is.  I have no desire to make it.  I think it looks complicated.

This is a beautiful quilt.  I would like to make this pattern.

I have made a kaleidoscope quilt before and I love it.  I would do it again.

Stitching Corner this time was very low on fabric.  I don't know why.  Maybe they are waiting for a new shipment or they are struggling.  I have gotten some very nice fabrics from this shop.  I also have gotten some pre-cut papers for English paper piecing.  They also have those pellon patterns with holes in it to tie quilts.  I really like those because you don't have to mark the quilt.  Check them out.  Maybe by the time you go they will have all sorts of new stuff or a great sale.

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