Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Stitchin' It Up

Stitchin' It Up is located in Cedar City, Utah.  It is a little shop on Main Street.  They have some really fun stuff in the shop.
I love this quilt.  I wonder if they used the crayon technique on this quilt center.  I have never done it but it has a beautiful effect.

If you start now maybe you can get this pumpkin done by Halloween.
They had quite the assortment of bags there.  This would be the place for a bag pattern or maybe even a class.

This one is one I would like to do.  I love the simplicity.

I think that this is one of those iron carriers that turns into an ironing board.

Wouldn't this techinque be cute with a bunch of Easter Eggs.

I am fairly certain that they repaint sewing machines.

Now is when you should be starting these sort table runners so you can get them done for Christmas.  I think that now is when I need to get on those Christmas gifts I started last year to make sure they are done for this year.

They had quite a bit of threads for stitchery.  I was amazed at how beautiful these stitcheries were.  They called it Brazilian Embroidery.  They have a group or class that meets each week to do this sort of thing.  I think that the class was 5.00 on Thursdays.

Isn't this amazing.  Who ever did this has real talent.  I think this would be beautiful on a crazy quilt.

Some of the ladies in our guild has done some of these.  They are so fun.

I think they sell long arm machines too.  I don't know what brand they are.

This house quilt is really cute.  It reminds me of the Around the Town quilt that I started but have never finished.  This one looks simpler.

If you are in Cedar City, you may want to check out this shop.  They have quite the selection.  They have lots of embroidery threads, all sorts of notions and fabrics.  There was a good selection of cute decorative buttons too.  Their web page is http://www.stitchingitup.com.

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