Monday, May 5, 2014

Chickadee Pin Cushion

Isn't this pin cushion cute.    It is designed by Annie Downs.  My friend Jerilu made this one.
This is a great way to use that fabric that you thought was wool but didn't felt up like you thought it would.  The background fabric was a skirt that just didn't have enough wool to felt up nicely.  You want the wool to felt so that you don't have to worry about the fraying.  It worked out great for these pin keeps because the edges of the fabric was in the seams.  The flowers are the ones we are giving out to the Quilt Walk participants.  

Here are some more of the same.  I think they are really fun.  As you know I like working with wool.  

 I made these.  It is fun to see the difference that just changing the stitching and thread color will make.  I like both my friends and mine.  That is what makes us so unique.  These will end up being gifts.

 I had decided that I just wanted to add beads for eyes because it was quicker.  I generally go for the easy way.

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