Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Horseback Treasure Hunt

We go on a horseback scavenger hunt every year in the spring.  It is so fun.  My husbands Aunt Barbara plans the whole thing and hides the clues.  We had about 35 horses this year.  Friends and family bring horses and food.  We have a bar-b-q with pot luck sides.  Then after we are all well fed, we go on the treasure hunt.

Those that bring horses try to match skill level to the horses so that everyone is comfortable.

The hunt goes all over.  We have up to 12 clues.

This is down the streets of Mack, Colorado.  Babies to great grandmas ride.

The clues are hidden in vitamin bottles and placed so they are not too hard to find, and the papers don't blow away.  They are numbered too, so that we are sure to get them all.

Cindy with my kids Wylee, Zoey, and Sophie
This is my husband, Eric with two of our kids, Wylee and Zoey.

We always have a vehicle to follow along in case kids get tired, or there are any accidents.  Also the photographer (me) needs to be able to take pictures easily.  The treasure is always located on Aunt Barbara's ranch so that nobody has to haul it on the horses.  It is a large can filled with treats that everyone can take what they like.  The kids love it.  

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