Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Bottled Italian Chicken

     This chicken is flavored with the italian seasoning packet you would use in the salad dressings.  It is done only with the seasoning packet and chicken.  The chicken makes its own juices.  I did this so that I could whip out a quick meal when needed.  You may have tried the chicken recipe that you cook the chicken (about 4 breasts) in the crock pot all day with italian seasoning packet and butter, then at the end you add the can of cream of chicken and block of cream cheese.  You can even put frozen chicken in the crock pot and it still works out great.  It is really good if you haven't tried it you should.  I don't know the name of the recipe but we call it Ugly Chicken.  We serve it over a bed of rice or noodles.  It is a family favorite.  
     For bottling this I put 1/2 of a packet per jar.  I would next time put in the whole thing in each jar.  You fill your sterilized jars with chicken leaving 1 1/2 inch head space.  Wipe the rim and place hot lids on.  Process them as instructed with your pressure canner.
     It was very convenient to just open a jar, dump it in a pot and add the can of cream of chicken and cream cheese and heat.  The chicken can be shredded or just cut into smaller pieces.

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