Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Denim Pocket Hot Pads

These hot pads are quick and easy to make.
There was not much room from the top of the pocket to the thick seam so I cut it off and added the blue to the top.

This one is drawn on like the Tattoo Denim Quilt.  It is done with a Sharpie.
This was made from the left over denim I used for the quilt.  I have a hard time wasting anything and this worked out great.  I wrote on the one that did not have a pocket because I didn't want it to be plain.  The dots on this are just stains from work.  I like the dots.

I think that next time I will quilt the batting to the backing of the hot pads for some texture.  I used cotton 80/20 batting.  I can't remember what the brand is because I was using my scraps from other projects.

This one notice I cut above the seam at the top of the pocket.  I think it turned out well but the bulk was a little difficult to sew.  It kept wanting to flip out of the seam.  I think if you have a great machine, do it.  It is less figuring.  I did top stitch around each one.  The top stitching was over the top of some of the pocket stitching, but it turned out well.

To make these you first cut out your pocket leaving as much at the top as possible and around the pocket at least a half inch, a little more is better. You will need at least 2 1/2 inches above the pocket if you are not adding fabric there.  You sew the accent fabric across the top of the pocket.  Cut your batting and backing to fit the pocket layer.  Place the pocket and the backing right sides together with the batting on top of the backing.
You see the line around the pocket.  That is where your sewing machine foot is lined up with and you sew all the way around leaving a four inch space to turn inside out. Trim your batting close to your stitching and the denim about 1/4" around.  Fold in your opening making sure you have your loop tucked in and top stitch around the edge.

A belt loop or outer seam works for the loop.

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