Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Eye Candy For Your Pin Keep

 These pins are made from polymer clay onto a glass head pins.  They really add a fun touch to your pin cushion.
 These are made using my imagination and just sculpting.  The flowers are done with a mold.  Some of the green is glow in the dark.
 The kids and I will sit and sculpt for hours together.  They make beads too with theirs.
 After you sculpt your polymer clay you bake it as the package specifies.  It hardens and they are good to be used.  It is fun to see them as you pick pins from the pin cushion.  Like I say it is eye candy for the pin cushion.  My husband calls it bling for the pin cushion.
 This is sushi.  Who doesn't love a good crab roll.  I love the eggs on top too.
I have been making decorative pins for the Quilt Walk, that we have here in Panguitch.  It is the second weekend in June.  It is a celebration in remembering the past history of Panguitch and we have a quilting retreat to go along with it.  Our town puts a lot of work into this festival and really make it a load of fun.  We have so many wonderful volunteers that make the Quilt Walk nice for everyone.  The web address is  Everyone that signs up for a class gets a small decorative pin in their box.


  1. It's about time! You are SO creative and talented, this blog will be fun to read!
    --Lisa McEwen

  2. It is pretty cute. You are very artistic.
    -Carma Bowen