Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Shopping at the Quilt Walk

My daughter, Zoey spent some of her money buying some new fabrics.  She loves to shop.  We had several vendors at the Quilt Walk.  I thought that you may enjoy some of the quilts they were high lighting at the show.

I think they call this a string quilt.  This vendor had all sorts of batting.  I am sorry to say I don't remember who this was.  If you know let me know.  I felt the batts and I quite liked the bamboo.

Now this darling quilt is done by Dave's Bernina in St. George.  My friends Becky and LaRetta are both making this and their blocks are darling.  They are using mylar under the embroidery and it makes the boots sparkle. 

This is so pretty.  They use the embroidery machines and the do a wonderful job.

I love the Halloween quilt below.  I do love my Bernina, and it is not the new fancy ones.  I am sure you would enjoy any of the Bernina machines.  Dave's could help you get the kind that would suit you.  I'm not quite ready to move up to the embroidery machines but my friends are loving theirs.  They are running two machines at the same time.  They are making beautiful quilts too.

Just a little note if you are interested.  I heard that Dave's Bernina is doing a sewing cruise.  If you are interested you should contact them soon.

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