Thursday, July 14, 2016

Quilt S'more in Gunnison

I stopped in Quilt S'more in Gunnison when I was meeting up with my sister.  I had seen the shop many times as I drove by on my way to and from Utah County.  This particular day I wasn't in a hurry so I stopped.  I was happy to see the lovely ladies that had come to our Quilt Walk there.  My girls were excited also to see one of the friends they had made there too.

This shop has long arms and accu-quilter stuff.  They also have fabric and notions.  They have a nice learning area where they must have classes.
This is the Drindle Dress.  It was taught at our retreat a couple of years ago.  It still appeals to me.

I think they also have embroidery machines.  This is done with a machine.

I enjoyed looking at this antique quilt is so pretty.  The black really sets it off.  

I love these colors.  They are so bright and fun for a child.
I haven't see anyone use minky to applique with but I think this is cute.  I am sure it is soft too.  
This one is perfect for the farming community.  It is sew cute.

This may be a trip around the world pattern.  The prints remind me of my grandma.

This is a darling quilt.  The animals are so cute.
I could not read this but I am sure you could put your own words on your quilt.
Look at the boarders on this.  It just goes to show you you can put as many boarders on as you want to make your quilt fit your bed.  I hope this little shop does well.  The ladies are very nice and are willing to help you with your next project.

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