Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Jill Findley

Jill Findley was another one of our trunk show presenters.  She does exquisite applique and piecing.  She also has her own line of patterns, fabric and products that you will love.  Jill owns Jillily Studio.  She has a fabulous applique glue that you may want to try.  Her patterns are cute too. www.jillilystudio.com/

Jerilu is one of our quilt holders.

Jill was wonderful as a speaker.  I loved to hear about how her patterns came about.

This one was to celebrate Utah's Centennial year.  

This pattern was cherries jubilee, if I remember correctly.

These florals have a little applique to enhance the piecing.  They are so pretty.

These runners are certainly nice.  You will have to look on her web site to see which of these patterns are still available.

This bike panel was very popular.  I think they only have the accent fabrics left.  The bike is really cute.

She regularly uses curves in her quilts.  Scallops soften the quilt.

I did see some of that fabric on her web site recently.  If you are interested you had better look soon.

These curves are made with a log cabin pattern.  If you look closely the red side is slightly larger than the white side.  I saw a ruler that helps make this pattern.

This reminds me of an argyle sweater.  I do think the appliqué puts this over the top.

The more grown up look of these boats is appealing to me.  Those waves are like prairie points, they stick out.

Jill said that just by choosing different focus fabrics in the same line you could get totally different looks.  She tries to make a couple of quilts with each line so she can accent the different fabrics.

This is beautiful.  It reminds me of wedgwood.

This one was made to show the cute piecing across the center of the bed and have the pretty part hang down to show the appliqué.  Very smart.

A couple of these quilts were round robins with in her friends and family.  The work is beautiful.

I hope you enjoyed all the pretty quilts by Jill Findley.  She is extremely talented and I love her work.  Check out her web site and it will tell you of her up coming events.

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