Thursday, May 26, 2016

Zoey's First Quilt

Zoey is nine and she made this quilt all by herself.  I had made one to put a way for a baby, she saw it and said she wanted to make one.  Of course being a quilter I had supplies on hand and told her to choose her fabrics.
Zoey tied it and bound it on her own.  I do have to say the best part of the process for me was when I was controlling the foot peddle.  My machine doesn't have a stitch regulator so when she would try in the past it went too fast.  Anyway, as I was pressing the peddle Zoey would say, "Pause, Play, Pause, Play."  It was so funny and I loved it.  When she was binding it I would ask her when it would bunch up a bit, if she wanted my help to straighten it out.  She would say no and she liked it as it is.  It is all her work.

She is so proud of her quilt.  I am proud of her too.

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