Thursday, May 12, 2016

Aprils Show and Tell

I love this quilt Bev made.  It was our round robin quilt from guild last year.  She out lined the blocks in purple and added a few filler blocks.  She really did a wonderful job on her quilt.  I love knowing I have a block from each of these ladies that I think so much of.  I just need to finish mine.  Look at the quilting on this quilt.  Each block is different.

I think this is Katherine's.  She got these blocks in an exchange and then added some of her own to make this quilt.  It is so nice.

Sandy made chalk boards for her grand children.  It has a pocket in the back for the eraser and chalk.

These are her blocks for the Block of the Month

She also made this cute bag.

Crystal has been busy.  She made this, I think it was called the Farmers Daughter.  It is cotton with wool appliqué.

My memory is not working today but this was a Pioneer quilt I think.  It is also Crystals.

This is the back of the quilt below.  Crystal just got it back from Connie.  Connie quilted it.

Cheri has been making pillows.  These are for the summer.  She does a wonderful job with the appliqué.

Gwen made this chevron quilt.  It was made with some strip piecing.

Keela's Christmas quilt is beautiful.  

Kay has been busy.  I Love Love this quilt.  

This is darling.  Look how cute the snail is.

Iris made this patriotic quilt.

Claudia is making this for a friend's baby.

Claudia made this one too.

Iris said this is a simple quilt to make.

Angeli finished a couple of the BOM blocks.

Claudia is showing us her block.
Show and tell is the best.

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